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Dog Bite Accidents

Although over 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, insurance companies only pay three percent of injured parties. Without legal help, a victim is unlikely to receive justice. Insurance adjusters only offer victims a fraction of the compensation that attorneys may receive. Skilled dog bite lawyers know how to deal with big insurance companies and fight for clients’ rights. In many cases, a lawsuit may not need to be filed so that public records do not reflect who the injured party is or who was the failed to protect that person. So, that enlightening the insurance company by explaining what the estimates for compensation are based, can by-pass a great deal of unnecessary administrative time for getting to the heart of the compensation for an injury, if a proper evaluation is completed, a claim is simpler and faster to settle when all information is correct and all presented evidence is sufficient.

Some clients are hesitant about going to court over dog bites. However, did you know that only two percent (2%) go to trial? Retaining the help of a lawyer never makes things worse. In fact, it ensures the claims are handled efficiently and in a fast manner. A lawyer is the only person who can fairly evaluate a claim and help you to determine the nature and the extent of a personal injury claim. It is not common for injured individuals to publish pictures of bites paired with the amount of settlement received. This means it is extremely difficult for an injured party to recover a reliable source of data that explains how much money is deserved.

After a dog bite, a person may experience lost wages, especially when recovering from a severe injury, in addition to matters called pain and suffering. Filing a claim for lost income can be complex. It is necessary for an employer to provide proof of missed time and the amount of pay that was lost. In severe cases where victims are disfigured, a client may be entitled to loss of future earnings. Since this may be a large loss, it is vital for an experienced lawyer to handle this issue. When it is impossible to return to work indefinitely, a person will need a solid form of income to pay bills and live a basic life. A reputable attorney uses private resources to obtain medical evidence, photographs of the injury and may hire a private investigator to track the attack dog’s history of violence.

Dog Bite Laws

The state statutes concerning dog bites can make it a matter not of negligence, but rather strict liability, so a dog owner can be held liable for damages and injuries even if there is not a breach of the duty of care. It is important to comprehend that an owner is responsible for an attack even if there is a lack of knowledge of a dog’s viciousness.

Common law negligence is also recognized in as well, such as in situations dogs are not sufficiently fenced, leashed, or contained. For instance, if a dog bites a person at a public park where the dog was not on a leash, a victim may seek damages. Also, there may be other municipal or community laws in effect, as well. Since there are time restrictions, called statute of limitations, when a person may file a dog bite claim, it is important to begin the process as soon as possible.