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Covenants Not to Compete

Increasingly, the circumstances surrounding the employee’s separation or termination from employment are also a factor that must be considered to determine if the non-compete restriction should be enforced. As a general matter, restrictive covenants are considered a restraint of trade and are looked upon unfavorably

In Pennsylvania, there is no statute that specifically addresses restrictive covenants. Instead, courts decide the reasonableness of the restrictions under traditional contract law principles in deciding whether a non-compete and non-solicit agreement is valid and enforceable. 

Employers engaged in enterprises that involve trade secrets and confidential or proprietary business information are increasingly entering into agreements with employees that include confidentiality provisions, covenants not to compete, and covenants not to solicit.  But in these difficult economic times, when employees are involuntarily separated from their employers in a reduction in force or downsizing, is that non-competition agreement enforceable?

Whether you have been recently sued, or, if you are looking to enforce a Covenant Not to Compete, Luvara Law Group, LLC can help you assess the litigation path or provide alternative approaches to deal with your specific situation; presently and in future planning.