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Firm Overview

Man buttoning his suitWith more than 75 years of combined legal experience in more than 10 practice groups, Luvara Law Group LLC provides exceptional legal counsel in almost any area of law. Clients quickly find out just how committed our team is to their needs.

Why Choose Luvara Law Group?

We are known for standing behind our clients and giving our all. You never have to worry about settling for less when the legal team of Luvara Law Group LLC is on the case.

BookshelfOur Mission

To provide quality, affordable legal assistance to those in need. We truly love the law and believe that everyone deserves to have their rights upheld. No matter is too small or too large for us to handle. From difficult criminal litigation to simple notary services, we have done it all.

Strictly Professional

Our clients tell us we are easy to speak with and we make them feel at ease. Our team takes what we do seriously, putting forth all our resources and energy to win.

People walking down a spiral staircaseAffordable

Hiring an attorney can often be very costly. Our firm is committed to helping you retain your legal rights without having to go broke. Many of our services are contingency-based, with payment plans available for other matters.

What to Expect

As a client coming to Luvara Law Group LLC, you have a unique legal need that will be matched to one of our experienced attorneys. By combining best-in-practice counsel with our professional administrative staff and environment, we’ve set the bar for meeting and exceeding your legal needs and experience.
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