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Third-Party Creditor Actions Arbitration

Since legal costs rise and the level of verdicts seems to fall, Arbitration may be the better avenue to pursue a recovery. The higher damages levels causes a limitation may preclude Arbitration in many cases, if the determination may be less than thirty thousand dollars, Arbitration may be a better way to proceed.

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Second Marriage and Estate Planning

Life does not stop after losing your spouse due to death or divorce. Many people get married for a second time because they want to make a lifelong commitment to their partner. While a second marriage may feel like a fresh start, it is still vital to consider creating an estate plan to protect your finances, legacy, and loved ones.

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ESOP is Not a Fable

President Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan has created both an opportunity and some concerns about the prospective increase in capital gains tax and the impact on ESOP formation which is one of the key tax benefits to current sellers in the 1042 rollover. IRS Code Section 1042 is an elective provision that allows individuals, partnerships, trusts, and estates that sell shares of stock of a C-corporation to an ESOP to choose not to recognize the long-term capital gain realized in connection with the sale for federal income tax purposes by investing in eligible US securities.

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